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Strategic 1dentity Consulting is a business and entertainment full -service public relations marketing consulting firm. Comprised from a centerpiece of consultants to support your most strategic goals and objectives we are positioned to help embrace your business within any stage of development. Once you call, S1 will go to work with immediate consultations, discovery sessions, and reviews to determine your strategy and development objectives. From here our team will provide international support and ongoing fulfillment to give a well-rounded and affordable path to achieve your goals.

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The Consulting First Approach
The right marketing plan comes from a strong roadmap,
built with objectives, experience and step-by-step realistic goals to compliment your growth.

Your business, identity and brand will be stronger and more efficient with consulting from the start. This is where our consulting approach comes through with visionary and professional strategic planning that will set the stage for your new or current business.

We’ve been marketing businesses, just like yours, for twenty years. Our reach of experience, knowledge and industry is unmatched. Our consulting is built from more than three decades of industry, media, connections and experience to help provide you with building blocks to your success.

A brand requires constant support. Marketing goals shift daily. Milestones become lost without leadership, experience and the right frame of mind. The answers become amazingly clear with the right partner to help guide you. No matter what task you may have ahead, S1 Consulting is here to guide you through the process of running your marketing strategy and your business - step by step.

Unmatched experience, knowledge and connections makes S1 one of the most unique full-service business marketing and public-relations consulting firms worldwide.

S1 strategy services have developed and executed marketing and publicity strategies for hundreds of clients, countless individual profiles, commercial production, film, television, actors and authors. S1 is proud to bring you an extensive background of experience developing consumer brands; tourism, hospitality, fashion, food & beverage, CPG, lifestyle, high tech, real estate, oil and gas, industrial and more. We have consulting services that are geared to work closely with high-profile individuals, corporate clients and business start-ups. Our communications and public relations strategies are customized to build awareness and capabilities to build awareness worthy of movie stars, lifestyle brands, brick and mortar or global non-profits with prestige.

At the heart of S1 we are here for you. You will find dedication to help guide new start-ups, individuals and products and you will see our commitment to help guarantee the public awareness and interest for your brand. We design brands that register with the consumer audience is our greatest joy. We are driven to help design and to engage with strategic campaigns for any industry or talent.

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  • Promotion Marketing
  • Entertainment / Event Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Distribution Sales Strategy
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Creative Services
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Strategic consulting

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Social media marketing

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The S1 Consulting process begins with your very first call and initial consultation. We will begin immediately with a discovery review, analysis and projected timelines that will become your marketing strategy. The consulting first approach provides unique and proven results.

You will receive hands-on experience and brilliant creativity, direction and a solid and proven approach to complete marketing. S1 Consulting always provides ongoing consulting to guide the process of running your marketing strategy and your business - step by step.